Mardi Gras

Written By: Tegan Syho

On February 18th the sound of festive music reverberated across the walls of the halls. It started with the marching band storming into the lounge.

Members from all bands took their place amongst  the army of musicians. Following them was the jazz band who had a stellar display of talent. The finale was led by the acoustic guitar group which had an excellent performance.


As the music played, delicious crepes (similar to pancakes) were being sold left and right. Students and staff alike wore colourful masks and came out to get a crepe and enjoy the performances by our school bands. The festive spirits lit up the school and brought another great day to be a part of Richmond Secondary!

This great party was in celebration of Mardi Gras or ‘Fat Tuesday’, a grand festival that originated from a blend of  French, African and American cultures, the biggest party of which takes place in New Orleans!