Stuco Events!

By: Jessica Jiang

Colt Idol


Richmond High’s Student Council put on their annual Colt Idol at the end of January. Colt Idol is a singing competition where people sing their hearts out in front of live audiences to showcase their talent. Personally, I believe that putting on shows like this promotes unity within our school community as people from different grades and groups can get together to witness some live-action art before their very eyes. Singing is another art that cannot be viewed, but when harmonies and melodies are heard they bring joy and warmth to whoever is listening, and makes everyone happy as the student body of RHS can show support together! Our Colt Idol consisted of a semi-final and finale show, where singers got to showcase their passion for singing and talent for performing. Whoever advanced was picked by the judges for the semi-finals and every student who came to the finals got to submit a student vote for their singer of choice. We had beautiful renditions of many popular songs, and they were all unique in their own way.

Congratulations to Ralph Hao and best to luck of Richcity Idol! Student Council would like to say thank you to everyone else to came out to compete and keep on singing, as well as thank you for the support from teacher judges and students who made this event possible.


Valentines Day


Richmond Secondary School’s very own Student Council spread love this February 12 by selling and delivering rose grams and crush cans to its student body! If you wanted to buy a crush can for your friends or lover as a way of saying “I have a CRUSH on you”, you could buy them at a very low price and get them personally delivered! Roses, the more romantic and traditional way of saying “I like/love you”, was also popular and was received with happiness from many. Delivering them during their 1-3 (second block) classes, it was so wonderful to see the joy light up their faces as they received a token of appreciation from someone they cared about. Although it wasn’t exactly Valentine’s Day, there was already plenty of love to go around.

A huge thank you to Student Council members, grade reps, and executives who helped out with tagging, and delivering! Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.



TABLE 38:  

Early February, Richmond Secondary School’s Student Council hosted and put on our very own TABLE 38. The TABLE 38 is a large event where Student Council members from other schools as well as superintendents from the SD38 came out to talk about issues and topics that will better the school community. Each school hosts a TABLE 38, and it was our time to shine. Our theme was “Pep Rally”, and we talked about how to increase spirit in our schools. What’s more, at TABLE 38 there are usually games, free food and prizes to be won! As long as you came out to show your support, the takeaway was that you had fun, but at the same time learned how to make your own Student Council better. TABLE 38 promotes communication and unity, as people from different schools can all come together and make new friends, also helping each other reach their full potentials. In addition, the superintendents as well as respected professionals from community centres and such came to share their opinion, giving us valuable insight and showing us how to be valuable leaders in our school community.